Do you own and operate your equipment?  Are you looking for an established carrier to lease on with?  Are you in search of a company that has firsthand experience in what you do for a living?  We are always in search of professional Independent Contractors that take pride in the job they do.  Here at Modular, we strive for excellence in the industry and want you to be recognized for the job you perform.  You will receive 75% of the load revenue if you own your own tractor and trailer.  Don’t have a trailer? You can use one of ours and you will receive 65% of the load revenue.  Fuel surcharges are paid at 100% to the Independent Contractor.  We travel the 48 states and Canada with the majority of business invested in high value machinery shipments.  Please feel free to contact Rick or Steve for additional information.

Rick Fisk

(616) 241-2060  ext 527


Steve Marshall

(616) 241-2060 ext 547